Boy Scout Troop 145

Lehighton's Boy Scout Troop.

Senior Patrol Leader - Thomas Phelan - This position gives him the responsibility of overlooking the patrols in the troop, and choosing what we do during our meetings, camping trips, and other projects.

Patrol Leader - Ben Ronemus - The Patrol Leader runs the patrol that he is in. He needs to set an example, pay attention, and make sure everyone in the patrol is doing their job. He may also help out the SPL due to the fact that we did not pick an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader.

Assistant Patrol Leader - Peter Phelan - His duty is to assist the Patrol leader in whatever the Patrol Leader asks for help with.

Scribe- Peter Phelan- The Scribe records information. He writes down anything such as dates, who was in attendance at a meeting, menus, what we plan to bring on a camping trip, and anything else that we will need to know for future reference.

Bugler- Peter Phelan- He is in charge of getting the Troop ready in the morning on camping trips. This can include waking people up on time (with or without his trumpet), to making sure alarms are set, and having the Troop ready on time.

Guide- Zech Barton- The Guide helps out the younger scouts in the troop. He goes over information, keeps them under control, and helps them with the transition from being cub scouts to boy scouts.

Quartermaster- Corey German- The Quartermaster keeps records on patrol/troop equipment. He makes sure equipment is in good working condition. Issues equipment and makes sure it is returned in good condition. He may also makes suggestions to buy new or replacement items.

  Librarian- Peter Phelan- The Librarian is in charge of keeping track off all the merit badge pamphlets.  He signs out the pamphlets to the Scouts and makes sure they are all returned.

Chaplain Aide- Ben Ronemus- The Chaplain Aide works with the Chaplain to meet the religious needs of Scouts. He also works to promote the religious emblems program.

Webmaster- Peter Phelan-  The Webmaster is in charge of keeping the website up to date.  He updates all the calendar and adds photos to the website and Facebook page.


If you do not have a position, or do not hold two positions, do not feel as if you are not important to our troop. We need each and every one of you, and your help is needed in other ways.